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Mar 24

Looking for a pen-pal





Shalom everyone!


Through Elohim's mercy my family and I were told about the truth of Torah, and Yahuwah & Yahushua's Names by another family in 2013. We have learned more, definitely made mistakes, and generally been in a state of "cognitive dissonance" :-) ever since. It is our family goal to remain humble/teachable AND walk on the very narrow path, no matter what!


I know this is a long shot... but I am looking for a believer (a girl between the ages 15-177 :-) from anywhere in the world) to become pen-pals with.

I live with my parents and three siblings. My main focus right now is learning to read/speak Hebrew, currently I'm at sort of an intermediate level? :-) Working hard on it anyway... it is amazing how intricate and efficient Hebrew is.


We are asking Yahuwah to lead us fully out of Babylon. We have rejected Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism, (though He continues to show us doctrines we have not yet dealt with!!) and all false Names and Titles, including "The Lord", "God", "HaShem", "Jesus", and even "Yahweh", and "Y'shua".

I dont expect to agree on everything with a pen-pal, but hope to agree on a lot!




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