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Nigeria Praise Report

Shallom Brother Todd,

Special greetings from Integrity's Family, how is everything going on with you over there in the States? I trust that YHWH is in control, thanks and Glory be to His Holy Name, Amen.

We received the recent money you sent, everything went on fine! We're explicitly grateful to YAH for your life and your caring Ministry, thanks for your love, concern and committment to our brethren here in Nigeria. We're all saying 'Uwese' You're great Talmidim indeed, packaged in America with the vision of the black race in your vision, we will forever be grateful to you and the Set Apart Assembly for what YAH is doing through your life and Ministry in impacting and empowering our people here in Africa. I see what you are doing beyond our Country, many of these people your Ministry is impacting today will in turn go to some other African Countries to also impact them with the message and love of the Messiah. You see - Africa is blessed knowing you and your Ministry - in fact, what the Almighty has done through your life and Ministry in Africa is purpose discovering and comfort beyond words, let me try and talk about some of them in this report.

Firstly, Countless families have been assisted and helped through the funds we received from you and your Ministry. We assist them by helping to send their Children to school, getting their school supplies, for those families that can't afford them for their Children, we have many of such families in Nigeria who have never known the love of the L-RD, but through these funds, many of them have come to know HIM and serve HIM as the Messiah.

Secondly, the Orphans in our Society are increasing by the day, through the funds we received from you and your Ministry, we have been able to affect the lives of these Orphans positively, apart from food stuffs, over the time, as the funds keep increasing we have been able to go beyond just feeding them to empowering them for the future, by raising them in the way of the L-RD, teaching them the Scriptures and the Feasts of the L-RD, and by sending them to good Schools for proper up-bringing. Each time we received funds, we always go to the Markets to buy them enough food, such as Rice, Beans, Yams, Garri, Beverages, Medicine and Clothes. The Children are alway happy now, thanking YHWH for bringing a Ministry like you to their lives, your life and Ministry has given many of these Orphans hope and reason for living - what a blessing!

Thirdly, the free Bible distribution, we always make sure we have Bibles for distribution, whenever we run out of the Scriptures, we alway make sure we buy Bibles to distribute to believers in our Country, we always go to different University campuses, Colleges, Churches, Villages and Communities to distribute free Scriptures. Many people who thought they could not own a Bible are now having theirs and studing it to understand YHWH's will and purpose for their lives, thanks to the Set Apart Assembly for helping to put the Scriptures in the hands and lives of our people, thank you!!!

Fourthly, the Lepers cannot be left out, the Leprostorium has now become our second home. We minister to those Lepers in so many ways. Our government is not helping matters at all, many of these Lepers were abandoned by their families, friends etc. Sometimes, when I see them, I feel like weeping because of their conditions. Whenever we also received funds from you and your Ministry, we go all out to assist and provide for these desolate Lepers in our Society, many of them said they've never known love nor experienced love the way the Set Apart Assembly has shown to them. Each time they see us they see Y'shua, hope and the future. They're now singing a new song, Praising and dancing unto YAH for remembering them as such a time as these. We use part of the funds to buy them food items, drugs, potable drinking water, clothes. etc.

More so, we have some widows in our Congregations and some other Churches that we assist. Whenever we have some funds there is a department in charge of that, that sees to the needs of these widows. We assist them all the way, they are also part of the Ministry YHWH has given to us, thanks to you and your Ministry, the widows are grateful too.

Finally, recently, as you know we embarked on a water project in one of our Communities in Benin, that have suffered for potable water for years. We decided to drill a bore hole for that Community; part of the funds came from you and your Ministry. The project is almost at the completion stage and the people in the Community are happy that YHWH has come to their aid. Many Praises be to His Holy Name for His provision in Y'shua's Name. Amen.

Beloved, the Scriptures say in IBRIM (Hebrews) 6:10 ' For ELOHIM is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown toward His Name, in that you have attended to the set-apart ones and still attend' we pray that for every funds sent to help and assist our people will not go unrewarded, the L-RD is a rewarder, He will surely reward you, your Ministry and Family in Y'shua's Name. Amen. Everyone here is praying for you that the L-RD will contiune to prosper you and give you peace in HIM, and that you shall still bring forth fruit in old age; and shall be fat and flourishing.(Psalm 92:14)

Once again, thank you for the Passover Haggadah. It was really a useful material for us in this past Feast. We taught from it and we will continue to use it in our study. We're grateful we had a blissful feast. Thanks also for the Torah calendar - believers are now understanding the appointed times and they now celebrate them in Nigeria like never before - what a blessing you're to us. We love you. I will try to still send some pictures including some of our wedding pictures too. Thank you.

Our regards to your darling wife Janet and the Children, say me well to your dad too, you're a great general to us here in Nigeria. We salute and celebrate you in the Kingdom!

Love and Peace,

Tom Etinosa.

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