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Nigeria Praise Report

Shallom Brother Todd,

Special greetings from Integrity, how're things going on with you over there in the States? I give Glory and Honor to His Holy Name for His Faithfulness. Beloved, I was so glad and happy to hear from you again. In fact, we are short of words - I don't know how to thank YHVH enough for all the great things He is using you to do for our brethren here in Nigeria. On behalf of our people, l want to say big thank you to you and the Set Apart Assembly for standing with us in the ministry and for being a great blessing to our generation and next generation - we will forever be grateful to YAH for your life and your lasting impact in the lives of our brethren and their children. They're all Praising and thanking YAH for your life and Ministry - you're one in a million!

Because of your committment to our brethren, we're now reaching out to more countless numbers of people and their Communities. There was one Community we went to, we discovered that apart from helping to meet their other needs, one major need the whole Community has was potable drinking water. They didn't have any place where they got potable drinking water from - their only source of water is one small river, and yet the water from that river was not clean at all. Because of that, many of the people became sick, and the nurses that went with us said that it was because of the bad water they'd been drinking. So, we now decided to embarked on drilling a bore hole for the whole Community, to be able to give the Community potable drinking water. Right now, the project just started. The whole Community is excited and Praising YHVH for remembering them at last, what a Ministry! All these are made possible through the support and assistance from you and the Set Apart Assembly; we're now reaching Communities with the message of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, with great testimonies of changed lives and destinies. Many thanks to you and your Ministry, we're indeed very grateful! I was at the bank this morning, everything went on fine, one thing you must know about money transfer is that once the secret code is not known, nobody will able to have access to the information, nor collect the money (it's safe this way) the secret code is between you and me. It's well! Our regards to your darling wife and the children, our prayers are with you. We will contiune to uphold you, your family, your business and Ministry in our prayers. YAH will bless and strenghten you daily, He will prosper the work of your hands in Y'shua's Name. Amen. You're a darling! Everyone here sent their profound greetings, my darling wife and partner Roselyn her sends greetings - we love you all. Shalom!

Love and Peace,

Tom Etinosa.

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Nigeria Praise Report

Shallom Brother Todd, Special greetings from Nigeria, how is everything going on with you over there in the States? I trust that YHWH is in control. I received the money you sent, we want to say thank


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