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Aug 10, 2020
In Prayer Requests
We are in Michigan and looking for others that are living in Covenant with YHWH. We are struggling. We are under draconian orders forcing public to wear masks. We don't wear them, it's too hard to breath in them and feel it's like a mark-a mark to show your obedience to this system and we want no part of it. It has me left feeling quite alone. In the Scriptures, Yisreal was together. He said He would scatter us among the nations. Here we are. Alone. Is there anyone that can connect with us? We are in Waterford. We can also do remote chats. If it's possible to connect and fellowship about YHWH, His plan, promises, Covenant, etc. Possibly on the Sabbath? We can do an app called Houseparty or we can do a Zoom meeting, or we can fellowship at our home if we are close enough. We have two young children so our time is limited to a half hour or hour at most. I have been praying and asking for Him to bring someone to us. I believe that there is someone out there that He is moving to connect with us. Please let me know if that is you. Thank you, Shandra


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