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Nigeria Praise Report

Shallom Brother Todd,

Special greetings from Nigeria, how is everything going on with you over there in the States? I trust that YHWH is in control. I received the money you sent, we want to say thanks a million!!! We 're really grateful and thankful for your love and support for the ministry and our people. I still do not know how to thank you enough. The money was timely as we were just preparing to visit another Orphanage home when the money came. In fact, I will continue to say that YAH gave you such a heart for His work on earth, especially, for the Nigeria people, we are all full of gratitute and joy for what YHWH is using you to do in our Country. You're such a blessing to us here in Nigeria, our prayers are with you and your family. YAH will for the sake of your heart for our people continue to bless and prosper you in Y'shua's Name, Amen. I want to assure you that even the kids in the Orphanage homes are now having access to the Bible, they are now studying the Scriptures to know YAH's will concerning their lives. Recently we went to one Orphanage home to distribute some copies of the Holy Scriptures to those kids and the staff working with them and they were so happy to receive the Holy Scripures from us on behalf of Shema Yisreal Foundations - they're now having access to the Scriptures, what a joy!

What about the inmates in our Prisons? They 're all glad and happy too. It was in the prison some of them came to know YAH and gave their lives to Him. They are blessed coming to the prison fellowship, praising and thanking YAH. What great testimonies are coming out of the prison ministry. Shema Yisreal Foundations is affecting countless lives in our country, for which we are grateful to YAH. Shema Yisreal Foundations is in partnership with Integrity Assembly in fulfilling Y'shua's purpose and will on earth. What a joy to be a source of blessing to others who are in need. Beloved, do you know that the ministry has to go a long way, to helping and supporting 4 women in the Hospital that their husbands couldn't raise money for their hospital bills. These women were between life and death and they were pregnant, but thanks be to YHWH their lives were preserved and that of their babies. Do you know that through that kind singular act they all came to know the love of YHWH and their husbands - today they 're all saved and happy! What a great joy! Thanks to you and to Shema Yisreal Foundations, we 're proud of you brother! Keep on the good work, we 're praying for you, your family and ministry. YAH is Faithful. Our regards to your family. We love you. You are a great blessing to us here in Nigeria.

Love and Peace,

Tom Etinosa.

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Nigeria Praise Report

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