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Prison Update

Things have been very busy at Shema Yisrael. As most of you may know I must maintain a law practice to put food on my families table. The Walk in the Light series has been a labor of love and it has taken it’s toll financially on me.

The good news is that the truth is getting out and lives are being changed. It is particularly interesting what is happening in the prisons. I receive letters daily from prisons asking for teaching materials and books, shofars and menorahs, tzitzit and tallits. The prisons are on fire with those seeking the truth about the Hebrew roots of their faith.

Today when I returned from Court I received 7 new letters from prisons across the country. Quite frankly, it is overwhelming. We try to reply to all of the requests, but when we send one book it is quickly followed by a request for the other books in the series. The demand seems to be growing exponentially. The inmates are hungry and they are devouring the materials.

I am receiving all sorts of praise reports concerning the impact that the series is having on the lives of those who find themselves incarcerated. This keeps us sending out the materials free of charge. We also have begun working with various ministries, including Seekers of Yah, a nationwide prison ministry specifically oriented toward teaching Hebrew Roots. I just sent them a case of the new book “An Invitation to Walk in the Light” and I am sure this will be an ongoing expense.

This is all good news and we are asking for help from anyone who feels led to assist in this regard. We appreciate your prayers and your financial support. If you are interested in donating you can by clicking on the donate button.

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