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A Praise Report from Rwanda!

A Praise Report from Rwanda!


(A letter from Thomas Musekenya)

Shalom Brother Todd,

Thanks for your prayers. Our mission to and from Rwanda/Burundi was safe And we really thank YHWH for His great journey mercies.

Our mission was a blessing to us and to the brethren in both countries. We spent one and half weeks in Rwanda and one whole week in Burundi. In both countries brethren showed much interest in knowing the truth about the “Sabbath, Sacred names and also feasts. We taught a lot and baptized many in Burundi. As shown in attached pictures. In Rwanda, thousands of people turned up for the meeting and could not move during the meeting despite heavy downpour since the meeting was held in an open space.

I thank YHWH because I was able to teach them despite feeling unwell for two days while in Burundi.

During Sabbath in Rwanda about more than 30,000 people attended the meeting with lots of testimonies about the genocide.

Thanks to YHWH because the mass graves where many people were buried, is now written clearly that “No more Genocide”. The love Rwadese brethren showed us a clear indication that no more wars because YHWH has poured His love onto the people of Rwanda.


In Rwanda we built 8 houses for widows after dividing ourselves in groups for this purpose. Widows are so many in Rwanda as a result of the genocide mass killings. In Burundi many people are poor, compared to Rwanda.

The Meetings in Rwanda were attended by people from 7 countries Kenya: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo and Malawi.

Brethren from Malawi invited us to take the truth we hold to their country Malawi, in June 2011. So pray for this next mission. We would wish to take the true Word of the Kingdom of YHWH to all the African countries. While in Rwanda, we had spent all that we had as we were being driven with the plight of the poor widows who were not only shelter less, but also food less. So we ended up having no enough money for going to Congo, as the brethren from Congo wanted us to take the teachings to their people. Our mission ended in Burundi and I hope that YHWH will provide for the next missions a head of us.


To reach many faithful people with the truth, in and outside Africa and also to help those who believe to be able to teach others. I thank YHWH for opening doors for us, to take the Great Commission. May YHWH help us all who have known this define truth before Yahshua Messiah second coming.(Maranatha). I believe that our dreams and the prophets messages will come to pass one day, when the whole world will receive and accept the Great Commission.

You can go to Google and and log on Rwanda history and the genocide 1994 and you will be able to read the story.

I do look forward to hear from you again. Be blessed and remember us in your prayers.

A humbled servant of YHWH — Thomas Musekeny

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