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India Situation

We are beginning our work in India and the need is great. Please keep the Indian brethren in your prayers.

Shalom! Happy Sabbath!

Dear sir,

India (orthographic_projection) via Wikimedia Commons

We are praying for your ministry. Did you receive my mail? We are willing to hear from you.

We are eagerly waiting for your reply. Are you interested you to save the dying souls in India if the spirit of Elohim inspires you. Many souls are dying in the false doctrines. Satan is using his ministers. How can we save if you are an International Leader. How can we preach without International Leader? We preached to our level best THE SABBATHS. We are searching for and International Leader. We need your co-operation. I SPENT nearly more than $7000 in the past. Now we don't have any money to print and distribute the pamphlets aslo. Many Sunday keepers are helping to the poor people. The poor are attending to the sunday only. Please understand the situation in India.

Thank you.

Manasseh, Evangelist.

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