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Update Rwanda & Burundi

Shalom, Greeting to you in the Name of YaHuShua Ha Mashiach.

It has been so long since we heard from each other. We had been busy during our trip to Burundi. I started our trip with my friend and Brother in Yah, Brother Francis Kubania Ringera.

Our trip went nicely and we were able to meet with the brethren in Burundi and our friends in Rwanda. All of them were glad to meet and share with us the True Word of YHWH our heavenly Father {ABBA}. We met with our beloved brother John Kamaro who is in charge of four congregations. Most of the groups meet out side on Shabbat; they don't have shelter. It become difficult for them to meet under a tree when it rains or during sun shine.

Attached are photos taken in Burundi and in the north eastern parts of Kenya. I will send you more photos in the future because brother francis went to his home with an other camera. We just arrived yesterday I just wanted to share with you about our effort in work for all this time.

I must first of all thank you for you continued support to our effort. After we have worked for along time with my friend Francis Kubania, without any recognition by the Government, treats started rooming the air because of many claimed that we are teaching people a different gospel, and by so they protestant pastors threatened to take us to court because we haven't been registered by the government as a religious denomination. YaHuWaH helped us to pass through the process of registration and now we have a certificate that shows that we are registered. Our registration allow us to preach the truth every where, baptize people who believe, open our groups branches and conduct marriage ceremonies.

Brother Francis Kubania in the Chair man, I Thomas Musekenya is the Secretary and Brother Josphat Mutai our treasurer. The name of groups is Shabbat Keeping Remnant Assembly of YaHuWaH Seventh Day. We have over thirty groups here in Kenya, two in Tanzania, one in Rwanda and four in Burundi. We will be glad to hear if you can be able to come and visit our groups here in East Africa especially here in Kenya.

Thank you so much as I look forward to hear from you again.

Thomas Musekenya

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