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A Praise Report from Uganda!

(A letter from Julius Ekomu)

Dear friend Todd Bennett,

The work here there many open doors and happy to see what YHWH is doing in the life of people , mostly the families I have bless their Children with Cloths and seeing the needy like fatherless having mattresses, its a transformation in most of the Ministries. This happening is because of you!!

Information: The greater stories of Fatherless, Widows and the Needy most of the time are brought to me, at times I feel to hide, because some came when they don't have what to eat, looks very poor and wary, I say Oh my father in Heaven something needs to be done. I have prayed for many, counsel and guiding them, at times I found my self lost tranges because of much work and with what I heard happening in to the families and to some Church members it's YHWHs favors and grace which gives people still live to see what YHWH has for the otherwise it would have not be easy .

The work is too big for one person, we need one another. My brother the truth is, if YHWH has given you a burden to work with me, I need your Supports like this hour there is a need , much of Support, your doing is for the seek of the Kingdom .

My brother Todd, I love your kindness, you know me even part of my testimony you have known, when I told you with Michael Rood the burden I have before Yashua's coming we have to do something. This scriptures moves me when I look to what is happening to the dats of today’s people needs the word spiritually and physically. ( Exo 22 v 22 , 23 , James 1 v 26 , 27 ).

Let us work together so that we can make a name for the coming Kingdom, know he that the Gospel of faith which came to Africa was Religion life to know YHWH and His son Yashua, but not to obey doing what He want them to do.

I and you today can we agree to stand for the seek of His Kingdom, Building a Foundation of good Example in to Families and Churches. In my home at time I use my own food form the garden to feed or helping the needy.

There is something the LORD has put in me , is bring a good response in community of people, when you come back this way , your teaching and ministering, you will enjoy it people loves what you have -- Africa is ready for you . Send for me Money there is a need even nor, am waiting alot to do ( Yashua word said , what you see me doing, do it -- Africa is open Congo, Tasanika, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Sudan are calling me, pray for the ministry in me so that the work of the Lord can keep on moving to reach to those who love to know much more about YHWHs will and His purpose plans.

What can I say now? May YHWH bless you, May YHWH give you Health, May YHWH care for your Family and your Office, May YHWH give you a good Money and send this way for His work.

Greeting to your House, office  . . . and others, Julius in the spirit loves all.

Yours in His love and service


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