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Uganda Update

Dear Todd,


Am happy for what is happening this days, I got the favor in many difference places, mostly to the leaders, they used to ask me that where have I got much of the secret of the Torah, and some ask me that have you gone to Israel, and I end up in laughter with them.

But the thing is, the word Torah is so new to most of the people and they want to hear, not only that, what moved the people is to see it that children whom they thought that can not come back to their villages, we are approaching them, teach and carrying for them, later take them to their relatives and they become good children.

Now tomorrow am going to be in two group in differenc places, to meet the leaders and to support the children who are there with the little I got for them.

May you pray so that the word I share with those leaders who are coming in the meeting to get what I shall share with them. Ipray may YHWH used you more to give me too the stranges of reaching to people.

We love your ministry may you be bless in all your doing in the name of Yahushua.


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Uganda Update

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