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Uganda Update

Dear Todd,

Shalom in the name of Yahushua.

It's a blessing to see the day of today , the light we see gives has to glorify YHWH.

I allow me to thank you first for all your doing, the love and the care, we are health and strong to walk and meet our friends, children and other families.

I would like to share with you the report of how we used the money you send and to know what is going on over and over concern the challenges of how the prices as ray on side of buying food mostly and others things.

From $500.00 you send, this what happened with it:

  • $200.00 to finish the school fees of this term of the children

  • $50.00 for transportation

  • $250.00 for food

My friend what we bought this time was so little because of the price, every day is not like yesterday and how we began to support our children in need, mostly the children who has no parents, this children are really suffering in homes where they are and other places they desired to be.

I show a lot and my heart cry, even when I write to you like this I feel tiers coming, in the situation we are now, buying only food, soap, salt and other things, can’t help so much like the years back.

My brother Todd, people are runing a way from thir home, families are dividing because man can't bring food at home, women are suffering with children, some churches few christian go to pray, most people are looking for jobs and where they can at-list get food for a day.

I was telling people that the solution is, let people draw close to YHWH and remember that He knows all what is going on, we have entered in prayer for some days, because there was a lot of fear, I can see how some people losing hope, when you tell them a bout the a ware of YHWH, they say no no.

One day I shared with other friends and told them about what I my self am going through with my family, and they tell me that Julius you have friends, but why don't they help you or call you and be with thefore some days. This what I toll them, when YHWHG want to use you, you have to go through what others are facing then at the end you can not be forgotten, I believe one day I shall be blessed, but am still offering myself for the need of YHWHs children and others.

May YHWHs will be with you and remembers us, this is not easy time.


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