New Relationships in Kenya

Recently we have received contact from Brother Peter Ndungu from Kenya who is leading several Messianic congregations in Kenya. He provided a wonderful testimony that the Walk in the Light books have blessed him.

Here is part of his testimony:

"Am Elder Peter W. Ndungu of Yahweh's Set-Apart Ministries -Kenya. I humbled by the good work you are doing for the Kingdom. I have read most of your Walk in the Light Series books. They are the best i have read and i confidently teach the Torah Truths contained in there. I have read - Restoration, Law and Grace, Sabbath, Appointed Times , Names,Kosher and The Redeemed. Whenever i read this books, i was left yearning for more. I live around Nairobi and lead a Torah keeping Assembly . We also have branches in many places. I humbly request, if YHWH places it on your heart to send me a copy of 1) The Scriptures 2) Appointed Times , 3) The Messiah, 4) Appointed times.This is a request. I do not have the money and had i had , i would gladly purchase."

Shema Yisrael has pledged to provide resources and we hope that this will become another avenue to bless the people of Africa.

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