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Shalom Brother Todd

Thank you for the money, I did receive it. It helped me cater for the Hospital bill, but it wasn't enough to pay the bill and help in the needs of the children.

Everything in our country is too expensive due to a prolonged drought that lead to crops failure; this situation is claiming both human and animal's lives across the country. There is a high rate of taxation in our country and living cost is becoming worse and worst every day. We are really praying to our heavenly Father YHWH for help.

Please Brother remember our country in your prayers daily. If you can, please share our plight with your friends and fellow parts of YaHuShua body. If the can, let them help us through you. Thank you once again for your concern and YaHuWaH blessings to you all. Try and read news about Kenyan food insecurity.

Your Brother Thomas Musekenya.

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