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Greetings Brother Todd

We had a blessed Passover and the days of unleavened bread.

We were all together sharing the Word of our heavenly Father about His wonderful plan of Salvation to mankind.

We learned how the Children of Jacob were delivered from the land of bondage (Egypt) and how they passed through the wilderness and the hand of YHWH was with them to help them in times of need. Many of them relied of YHWH and others didn’t. Those who relied on Him were able to not only see the promise land and dwell in it, but also expected for a heavenly city in YHWH's kingdom. Those who didn’t rely on YHWH died in the wilderness.

We also learned to abstain from sinning for sin would take us back to the spiritual Egypt that Yahshua delivered us from. We have seen many who went back to serve the worldly god (Satan) and it didn’t take long before they were ashamed. We learned to not only remove the leavening substances in our houses, but also remove the old leaven in our hearts.

The attached photos were taken during the Passover evening when eating the bread and took the cup and washed our feet. Many people came to celebrate Passover this year compared to last year.

We were forced by the situation to go and borrow a tent to accommodate other extra friends after accommodating others in the neighborhood. We are expecting to triple the number during the Feast of Tabernacles. This reminds about the building project that I have started. I have been buying materials little by little for the project when I ever receive money from YHWH and also budget for an out reach. I should therefore like to request you to please consider to help by sacrificing for that project.

My project is approximated to cost $8,000 US Dollars and I have already purchased materials that worth $2,000 US Dollars. Upon the completion of this project, we may be able to accommodate brothers and sisters who come in large numbers to the Feasts each year. My wife, my three kids and I live in a small hut made of mud and straws roof.

If possible, the building will start in two months time from now. We will be having very many people coming for the Feast in our home, some will come from out side our country and we need to accommodate them. My prayers are with you all as we all look forward for the day of Pentecost.

Thanks as I look forward to hear from you again.

Your Brother Thomas Musekenya.

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