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Shalom Brother Todd

I just received your message asking if I did receive the funds.

Yes I received the funds and decided to use it first because of the urgent need of food to the less fortunate kids and families especially in our Assembly and after wards give you a comprehensive report about the use of the funds.

First I should like to thank you on behave of those who benefited in the aid. I would also like to send my condolenses to the family, the husband of the late Nancy Dekeyser and also to the members of your Assembly. Our prayers are are with you all. May YaHuWaH comfort you all in YaHuShua.

Attached are photos taken in and out side our Assembly shade. You can see children with smiling faces when eating the food and after eating. I am greatful that you were able to come back home from Isreal. I hope you enjoyed your stay there. I would wish to one day go to Israel too. Do think there are people from Israel who traveled many years ago to Africa. I am from Maasai speaking community and in our traditions we have many similarities with the Isralites. I read about one of the high preasts in Yehrusalem whose name was Maasai. can he relate to the Maasai speaking people? Thank you once again and be blessed.

Your Brother Thomas Musekenya.

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Update Kenya

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