Nigeria Water Project

Friday, 24 June, 2011

Shalom Brother Todd,

Greetings from Nigeria… Beloved, we are now at the final stage of the water project, we just concluded the iron work, the iron that will hold the water tanks up for the preservation of water in case there is no light/electricity to pump water. We are now at the final stage, that is the plumbing stage, where all the water pipes will be connected for the use. Everyone in the Community is so excited, they are all happy, we can see the excitement on their faces, they are all fill with great joy. I can still remembered during the test run, someone asked “is this water?” To many, this is unbelievable. They are all singing Praises to YHWH and dancing unto HIM for given them portable, clean drinking water in their Community. All Glory goes to YHVH, special thanks and appreciations to you, Shema Yisrael and partners who made this water project a reality. Our warm regard to your darling wife Janet and Children, we love you all, our prayers are with you. waiting to hear from you.

Do have a blissful Sabbath. SHALOM.

Tom Etinosa.


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