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Uganda Update

Shalom dear Todd,

I praise YHWH ( GOD ) for what is going on and on this days , this are the days I found to be more close to the word of YHWH and doing what is to be done.

I have started to work very serriously after coming back from the Hospital , YHWH is doing a new things in my life with great testimony, and to visit children , family's and meeting church leaders , share the Torah and asking them , for us to work together with the fear of the Lord YHWH , this time there is a lot to do , we need to have our sit this year before next year ! everything are going well.

Our fellowship and the ministry to meet the needy , mostly the young children who are mainly the fatherless is going on , we have moved and reach to many families to support those who are there , going through staving for life of living , and we show how YHWH gives us the favor through people who are ready to tell us what is going on to such children , and we response to meet them.

All we give thanks to you and the ministry for the funds you keep on sending, those money you have been sending to me has done a lot in the life of saving most children not to die or getting lost.

Today I believe all what is happening to me, the devil is not happy for what is going on today for the great preparation of the coming of the LORD Yehushua

I request for you to be strong and keep on in whatever your doing, the LORD is with you and keep us in your prayers, in His love we shall stand and not be moved

Be best and let me see you soon in this email.


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Uganda Update

Dear Todd, Shalom Am happy for what is happening this days, I got the favor in many difference places, mostly to the leaders, they used to ask me that where have I got much of the secret of the Torah,


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