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Recently we have received contact from Brother Thomas Musekenya

Subject: Our visually impaired this year Shalom. How are you doing my Brother? I hope fine. We are also doing okay, despite many challenges. This is just to let you know that we now have nine kids in our learning unit. With the help of the blind trained teacher Mr Paul Nyukul, we have realized a great change in the learners as far as learning skill using feeling sense is concerned. The teacher is doing a commendable work. I visited him in school this morning and he gave me some challenges that he is facing and I am preparing a proposal that will enable you to share for any well wisher to help contribute towards what is needed. In the mean time, I request you to try and help me with what you can get so I can be able to use it in some agently needed goods and services to the learners. Please try and help as soon as you can! I know how it is agent and that is why I urge you to help as soon as possible. I pray for Yah's blessings towards this agent needs. Thank you and blessings as I look forward for your response. Your Brother Thomas Musekenya.

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Update Kenya

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