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Update Kenya

Shalom greetings to you brother Todd and yours.

I has been long since we communicated. It was due to a lot of commitments and also fear of more attact threats from terrorists. We had a serious terror attack in Westgate Mall at Nairobi. We had a tremendous Feast of Tabernacles this year and we thank Yahweh for that. We assembled with many people across Kenya who came to the Feast site. We shared food together and the true Word of Yahweh. After the Feast, my aunty died and I attended her burial. I thereafter visited the visually impaired kids in Kilgoris D.E.B primary school. I bought food to the kids and their teachers. We discussed the the challenges that we are all facing regarding the needs of the kids. I paid for their school fees. Members of local media were invited to cover the story and the challenges we are facing, I used that forum to call upon the Kenyan Government and other welwishers across the country to intervine and help put more funds in the project. I called upon parents not to hide the physically challenged kids, instead they should know that they could be a blessing to them rather than considering them a curse as many of them do. The blind teacher is a learned man and he is being employed by the Government. He is married with a successful family. Thank you so much for you support. I still need more suppor Brother Todd. Attached are photos during the event in school.

Thank you and blessings to you all.

Your brother Thomas Musekenya.

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Update Kenya

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