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I do appreciate your support to the work I am doing. Indeed I am doing a lot of work that need more support so I can be able to at least do something better. I am grateful for what you are able to do and I urge you to pray and share the plight that we are going through in the work of YHWH with the brethren and hopefully our father will open the windows of blessings. We need to buy a piece of land that a home will be built for the orphans and the visually impaired kids that we are sponsoring. I don't have other means of getting resources apart from my Wife's small business of selling vegetables in the market and from the members of our Assembly when they give tithes and from well wishers especially those who believe in the true Word of Yahweh. I am therefore appealing that you put more effort in praying and supporting whenever you receive a blessing because any time you send something, the work is ready for that. We need a piece of land, we need to build some structures, we need beds, we need kitchen items etc, but the first priority is a piece of land. We have already given that home a name and the name will be "Bethlehem Home for the blessed" We will focus on the needy, the widows, the homeless orphans and the elderly. The first thing that we will provide is shelter. The second thing is food, the third thing is clothing, the fourth thing is hope for the future and that is education about the their daily living here on planet Earth and education about what is expected of them to please Yahweh and enter into His Kingdom. I beg you to please walk with us in this long journey and no doubt we will make it to the Kingdom of our Father in heaven. I have a lot of demands to go and establish fellowships across Kenya and other countries, but the problem is that we don't have many qualified people who can teach the truth in the fellowships. we need a Torah school in that Home. I personally need a car to use in visiting the newly established fellowships each Shabbat. we need some income generating activities within that home to support the families of those who are qualified and are willing to go and teach fellowships away from their homes. my Brother, I have a lot in my minds but I can not achieve any of these without a helping hand of prayers and support. Thank you so much for what you are doing at this time; it is helping a great deal. I am looking forward to hear from you on this matter soon. Your friend and Brother in Yahshua, Thomas Musekenya.

Your friend and brother in Yahshua, Thomas Musekenya.

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Update Kenya

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