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Update Kenya

Shalom Brother Todd and blessings to you all over there.

I hope you had a tremendous Passover celebration as we did here in Kenya.

We are grateful to the Almighty Yahweh that He gave us an opportunity to take part among His elect and join other folks around the whole World in Yahshua's memorial celebration.

This is a new year and we are hoping to have new understanding of His immutable Word, for new strength to sustain us in this World of a lot of temptations, we are hoping for new mental, spiritual and physical blessings. We are blessed to have you as our friends and brothers and we really appreciate knowing you and receiving the truth from you and for helping us mentally, spiritually and physically. We have been receiving spiritual supplements from you for day to day! We receive things that affect our mental and physical beings from day to day. We have seen you sacrifice your precious money and send it to support us bring the truth to others, we have seen you send you precious money to support the less fortunate kids and the poor for food and other basic needs. I have personally seen you supporting me and my family during the times of need and I really appreciate it and say thank you so very much indeed for that.

I still request for more support as we continue. like for example the brethren in Burundi did not take part in this year's celebration, because they don't have some one to preside over that and I received a phone call last night for them requesting me to go there early next month and stay there until I preside over that ceremony when due date for the second one come. I just told them to pray that I get funds for transportation, and I promised them them that I will travel as soon as I get money for transport. I would wish to go and train their Elders on how to preside over such festivals because a time will come when I can't be able to travel.

Attached are photos that were taken during that day people eating food and during the solemn hour when we were eating the unleavened bread, drinking from the cup and the solemn practice of washing other people's fits. You can see how we prepare the bread locally.

Thank you so much and please consider praying for my transport to Burundi. $1000 USD is needed for the transportation. I will plan to travel as soon as I get the funds. Burundi is a very poor country in fact worst than Kenya! so when I get there, their orphans and widows will expect to get some food and clothing from me. So dear brethren please help if you can.

Thank you for now and be blessed in the remaining days of unleavened bread.

Your brother Thomas Musekenya.

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