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Update Kenya


I just received your message asking if I did receive the funds.

It has been long since you heard from me. I thank YaHuWaH for His tender care to us all and for revealing this precious truth. We are honored to get an opportunity to share this define truth to others.

I was able to call Brother Richard Makori and promise to go and share the truth one Shabbat. I managed to meet with all members of Richard's Assembly yesterday on Shabbat. I discovered that they came out of Seventh Day Adventist Church. I made some introductions about the true Name of our heavenly Father and other foundermental aspects of faith and they seemed strange in their ears but true. They wanted me to spend a night but I stayed there untill 7: 00 pm and traveled to Kisii town and spend a night in a Hotel and went back home the following morning. Attached are pictures taken when I was preaching. Most of this Church's members are willing to learn except some other leaders who seemed to have been surprised by my teaching, but the didn't have ground to protest against the teachings. I will be visiting this Assembly until they know full truth of the Word of Yahweh.

Thank you and blessings.

Your fellow servant Thomas Musekenya.

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Update Kenya

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